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Pocket Drone (Air Photographer)

Pocket Drone (Air Photographer)

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Our cutting-edge creation, the Smallest, Lightest, and Most Affordable Hands-Free Aerial Camera, is here to revolutionize your photography experience.

📸 Capture the Perfect Shot: Fed up with shaky photos and videos? Our advanced "Smooth Air" Flight Stabilization technology guarantees crisp, clear images and buttery-smooth videos with every click.

👐 Gesture-Controlled Freedom: No need for a smartphone – with SYNControl, your drone becomes an extension of you. Navigate the skies and capture stunning HD photos and videos effortlessly, just by moving your hands. It's like magic!

🌍 FAA-Friendly: At a mere 46.8 grams, it's smaller and lighter than your iPhone, ensuring you stay below the 250-gram FAA registration limit. Fly it anywhere your heart desires, and unleash your creativity!

🤳 Perfect Solo or Group Shots: No more relying on others to take your photos. Control your frame, snap flawless selfies, capture group moments, and explore awe-inspiring landscapes – you're in every single shot!🚀 Unlimited Angles: Say hello to unique angles and the ability to seize life's every moment as it unfolds. Our pocket drone empowers you to shoot like never before.

Product Highlights:
✅ Smaller Than Your Phone: 10.58*9*3.5cm
✅ Lightweight: 46.8g
✅ HD 1080p @30fps Videos
✅ 4K Camera
✅ Autonomous Flight
✅ iOS and Android APP
✅ Instant & Direct Social Media Sharing
✅ In-App Image Editing Suite
✅ 100m Flight Range
✅ 2.4 GHz Wifi Transmission

And don't forget to choose between our two versions:
🛒 Regular: The pocket drone without a camera and optical flow.
🚀 Upgraded: The pocket drone with a camera and optical flow

Package Includes:
1 x Pocket Drone

Experience the future of photography in your pocket with our game-changing drone.
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