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Off road variable speed folding electric bike

Off road variable speed folding electric bike

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All-terrain off-road electric bike , like a powerful cruiser

  • 20'' large off-road tires
  • 750W powerful motor
  • MAX 75km Ranges
  • 16cm disc brakes
  • Netweight 25kg, MAX load 100kg
  • Riding speed 25km/h
  • Geometric line body, Simple in shape,bionic design, Imitation of dolphin soft dynamic body,feel smooth as before, solid aluminum alloy frame integrated molding, wear-resistant and anti-pressure, finely crafted, hard and sharp.
  • Removable and replaceable lithium battery Automotive power lithium-ion cells,Waterproof and anti-theft, equipped with battery lock, high power supply, safe and durable performance, long life.

6 battery intelligent protection management system

  • Short circuit protection
  • Over current protection
  • Double overcharge protection
  • Double over-discharge protection
  • Abnormal temperature protection
  • Undervoltage auto-sleep


All-terrain off-road tires

  • Adapt to all kinds of road surface, strong grip, low resistance, wear-resistance, puncture resistance, over potholes, new tire multi-layer protection, not easy to fall, anti-skid in rainy and snowy road

Sensitive braking is safer

  • Front and rear dual disc brake system+ E-ABS electronic brake

  • Highly sensitive power-off system + dual disc brakes with wear-resistant and fast heat dissipation, fast and stable braking, and the upgraded power-off system makes the performance of the whole vehicle safer.

As Fast as lightning even without electricity

  • SHIMANO 7-Speed transmission system

  • The hollow design reduces the weight of the flywheel teeth, which matches the chain well. It has a smooth and precise control feeling, and breaks through the terrain restrictions.

Great power, lead at the start

  • 750W high-power brushless DC motor,high-torque to strengthen the ability to cross obstacles, high technology
    support, tech-person gospel.

Experience multiple mode switching


  • There are 3 built-in riding modes, which can be easily switched during riding.
  • Electric mode: Tum on the power and turn the handlebar, no need to step foot, it can be moved forward to
  • Assistant mode: Switch on the power,no need to turn the handlebar to gently drive the foot.

  • Manpower mode: No power, uselike a bicycle, zero battery consumption.

Super bright front headlights

TheLEDnightlighting system,With super bright headlights, the driving environment on the road ahead is an unobstructed view, and the illumination distance is long, ensuring the safety of riding at night.

Closed type design, support water washing

No pressure on water and mountain roads High chassis, large tires, front and rear fenders to prevent splashing mud or water, to ensure that you can drive unimpeded in the rain

Large screen smart display 

Real-time visibility of itinerary dynamics  Accurately display speed, power, gear, total mileage

  • Power display
  • Gear switch
  • Mileagecalculation
  • Speed display

Front double-tube shock spring system

Aluminum shoulder lockable fork shock It has good elastic and comfortable front and rear shock-absorbing tires, adapts to various road surfaces, no afraid of bumps, and brings a sensitive response and smooth operation.

 Foldable electric bike

The front of the bike is easily folded in seconds. It adopts a portable folding design, occupies a small area, and can be folded quickly by pressing.



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