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Off road dual drive all road conditions X10 electric scooter

Off road dual drive all road conditions X10 electric scooter

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Off-road KING of the E-SCOOTER

  • 100km Ultra-long driving range
  • 1200W*2 Dual motor drive

Enable a good driving experience on personal mobility


Consumer experiencing is the top priority

The core of human-vehicle interaction lies in the visual center, and intuition controls everything.

  • 1200W*2 Motors

  • 11inch Tires

  • 100km battery life

  • 16cm Dual disc brakes

  • 3 Spring suspension

  • 3 SQuick fold

The ultimate minimalist design

Simple lines create a ready-to-go dynamic, sturdy The frame still used by aluminum alloy, it is heritage and also innovation.

  • 30KG net weight
  • 120kg MAX load

Symmetrical design like amasterpiece

As good as the luxury car's chassis, bring you better driving experience. Through the mountains and enjoy the beautiful scenery along the way.

  • 1200W*2 Strong power motor

Ultra-wide off-road vacuum tires

Aerodynamichub Super soft shock-absorbing tires, and enlarged wheel diameter. Strong grip and upgraded comfort.

  • 11 inch Tire diameter 275mm
  • 9cm Tire width


Speed and performance are excellent exceed your expection Bionic panther design, extreme speed, enjoy driving above the wind~

  • 40km/h Max speed

Detachable lithium battery pack design

Powerlithiumbattery Integrated design, safter/detachable/and easy to prolong your riding distance.

100km MAX range

6 large battery intelligent protection

  • Short-circuit protection
  • over-current protection
  • double over charging protection
  • double over output protection
  • Abnormal temperature protection
  • under-voltage sleep automatically


Driving swiftly,Climbing easily Luxury SUV high-chassis design, enjoy both sporty and comfortable.Responsive and precise control.

One-click quick folding buckle

Folding in seconds Take it home, take it to work, and put it in the car with ease.

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