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Magnetic Mini GPS Tracker

Magnetic Mini GPS Tracker

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ntroducing the ultimate solution for peace of mind - our Magnetic Mini GPS Tracker, a versatile device ensuring the safety of your loved ones and valuable possessions.

Multi-Functional Locator:
Ideal for locating children, elderly family members, pets, cars, and motorcycles, this GPS tracker is your go-to device for real-time information. No subscriptions, no extra fees - it's free to use globally. Receive SMS updates about the device's location and map, with low battery alerts when it hits 10%. After discharge, it automatically powers off, turning on upon charging. The device stays in stand-by mode and activates with motion or sound above 40dB, notifying you instantly by SMS.

Magnetic Mini GPS Tracker:
The pain of losing your car or suspecting theft is a thing of the past with our discreet GPS tracker. Covertly secure your vehicle against theft or loss. No subscriptions, no service fees – it's activated and free for life. Use the Google Play Store or Apple App Store to download the app, connect to the smart locator, and enjoy real-time tracking. The LED lights can be turned off for discreet tracking, and the waterproof, magnet-equipped design ensures simple installation without extra accessories.

Key Features:

Long working time: Up to 180 days without recharging.
Sense of safety: Know your car's whereabouts at all times.
Simple installation: Stick the small tracker in place using powerful magnets.
Real-time tracking: Stay informed with GPS precision via your phone.

Q1: No monthly fees! The product is activated for free.
Q2: Global usage with mobile phone signal.
Q3: Standby time is approximately 180 days.
Q4: Tracker fallbacks to 2G in areas without 4G; GPS relies on satellites, not cell towers.


Color: Black
Material: ABS
Weight: 50g
Size: 422520mm
GPS positioning accuracy: 10-50 yards
Alarm mode: SOS alarm, mobile alarm
Battery type: Lithium battery
Standby time: 180 days
Network format: GSM / GPRS
GPRS: Upload 60, TCP / IP
Experience security and simplicity with our Magnetic Mini GPS Tracker – ensuring your peace of mind, worldwide.

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