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New design foldable 10 inch 50KM Range X11 Electric scooter

New design foldable 10 inch 50KM Range X11 Electric scooter

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New design foldable 10 inch X11 Electric scooter 

  • 50km MAX ranges
  • 450W motor drive

Comprehensive upgrade Long battery life

Embedded removable battery, adding quick release. Locking screw design, better fix the battery Not loose.

  • 13Ah lithium battery

Brand new designU-shaped suspension pedals

Soft lines, smooth body,Create a sense of dynamism ready to go, Strong aluminum alloy lightweight frame, Wear-resistant and compression-resistant.

  • 19kg net weight
  • 100kg Max load

New development Dual spring suspension system

The chassis is high, and the pedal height is 16cm from the ground. Spring suspension on both sides of the front fork. Comfortable and fun to ride. suitable for all kinds of roads.

  • 16cm Ground clearance of pedal
  • IP54 Waterproof grade

The new upgrade High-speed brushless power motor

10 Inch 2.7 Ultra wide road tubeless tire. Anti-skid, anti-puncture, explosion-proof, wear-resistant.

No worries after sale Front wheel quick release

3 seconds quick disassembly and replacement, turn the screw. Easy to replace, reducing the difficulty of after-sales.









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